Roof Cleaning Services

Your roof is like a shield that protects your house. It has to stay clean and well kept. We remove and clean moss, debris, and other natural materials growing on your rooftop.

Concerned About Pressure Washing Your Composite Roof?

Yes, you should be. Too much water pressure can damage shingles, void warranties, and get excess water where it doesn’t need to be. With Grace Roof Cleaning, we never pressure wash roofs. We have mastered the technique of precision brushing on composite roofs. We focus on the location of the moss, brushing it from the crevices of the shingles. We make sure the roof is not over brushed, therefore preserving the shingles’ integrity!

Our Process Will Get Your Roof Truly Clean

Our complete moss-removal-roof-clean is a system that cleans deeper than a “soft wash” while protecting your roof from the damage that can occur if your roof is pressure-washed. Getting the roof professionally brushed compared to doing it yourself or hiring someone inexperienced (because you think it will save you money) may cost more in the long run. Roof damage occurs from not being handled correctly. Our system cleans and sustains your roof. We help your roof last longer. Our prices are extremely affordable to give you high-quality service and peace of mind. 


Moss Removal

We believe that we have the best moss removal product in the PNW! A technique learned through hard work and experience on countless moss infested roofs. Precise brushing of the moss is most effective to get all of the moss off and preserve the roof. Although a chemical spray can kill moss quickly, it will not remove the built-up moss and debris between the shingles. It’s time to get MEAN on the GREEN and make that roof clean!


Air Blow/ Rinse

After all of the debris and moss has been knocked loose and cleared from all the cracks and crevices, we properly use an air blower to clear the roof.

Depending on the severity of moss, there may be a need to rinse the roof with a regular low pressure hose to get rid of dirt residue. This will help prevent re-growth of moss.

This also makes the roof look great!



When we TREAT we TREAT to kill (moss)! This is an extremely important part of the deep clean process and just regular maintenance.The treatment we use is zinc in powder form. The zinc solution dissolves over time, killing moss to the root and preventing it from growing again. It does this without being harmful to other plants, and it is not toxic to people or pets.

The three stage system cleans deeper than a “soft wash,” while protecting your roof from the damage that can occur if your roof is pressure-washed.

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