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Before the LEAVES FALL give us a CALL! Grace Roof & Gutters Summer Special is here!

Call Grace Roof & Gutter cleaning this Summer to GET YOUR GUTTERS READY for FALL!  (425) 327-6871

This summer is the perfect time to get your roof and gutters clean. As the sun bakes down on your roof and gutters, mud, dirt and leaves dry up and cause blockages. When the rain hits in the fall, your gutters are already clogged! 

DON’T Spend thousands on gutter covers/guards that may not work and will still accumulate moss and dirt underneath. We install downspout gutter strainers to prevent clogs! 

We install downspout gutter Strainers to prevent clogs!

Bellevue Roof Cleaning Experts
  • Free strainer install included with a gutter cleaning service during our summer special!

You may not think about it much, but the roof and gutters on your house are an important part of your home. They keep out rain, snow, sleet, and other elements that could damage the structure of your home. Protect your home before bad weather starts. It’s a good idea to clean your roof and gutters every year—preferably before fall and winter start! 

Reasons why you should clean your roof and gutters this summer:

Summer heat and intense hot periods can put your gutters in danger. Summer gutter maintenance should be done to make sure there are no bent or loose attachments that may cause leaks. It’s especially important to have your gutters inspected during periods of high heat, extreme storms, or whenever you notice a problem with them.

1. Prepare for fall

The point of cleaning your roof and gutters in the summer is to prepare for fall. If you haven’t cleaned your roof and gutters in a while, then you already have a build-up of debris from last winter. If you wait to clean in the fall or winter, you will have a collection of debris that can destroy your home. That’s why it’s so important to clean them now during the summer! Therefore, there is no chance of accumulating layers of built-up matter—baking, sticking, and clog formation.

2. Easier to spot potential problems with clean roofs and gutters in the summer.

You might be surprised at how much you can learn about your roof and gutters when they’re clean. It’s easier to spot potential problems with clean roofs and gutters. If there are any issues with how your home looks, it will be much easier to see them when surfaces are clear of dirt and debris. 

For example, if there is any peeling paint or rust on the metal parts of your home’s exterior, these will be much more noticeable after they have been washed off. The same goes for cracks in stucco walls or shingles that are starting to peel up from the bottom of the gutter—when these things have been cleaned off, they become much more obvious than when covered by grime buildup over time.

3. Protect your house from the unwanted rooftop garden.

Do you have a rooftop garden growing on your roof? Has the MOSSS-STER dominated your rooftop? Is there grass, weeds, seeds, and new plant life growing out of your roof? Are you watching plants grow out of your gutters? Pants that live in gutters take root and will live there forever until removed.

This type of growth is the most damaging to your home. While the sun heats up your roof, the vegetation flourishes and attracts birds, rodents and bugs. 

Once a root reaches your gutter, it adds weight and pressure over time. If plants start popping up in your gutter, you’re in need of some serious gutter cleaning and you may want to act on it fast!

The other monster that attacks your roof in the summer is pollen which fuels roof top vegitation. Once pollen attaches to your roof, it stays there.

4. Get FREE strainer installation when we clean your gutters.

We can install downspout gutter strainers to prevent clogs! These downspouts are used for rain runoff and for cleaning up the excess. With these strainers, you will not need to clean them out every month or so because they will prevent leaves, pine needles and any random debris from entering your gutters. You get a bit of extra protection from moss and mold as well—a major plus in the hot climate.

Our process cleans better while protecting your roof.

We clean your roof using our complete Moss-Removal-Roof-Clean system. This process cleans deeper than a “soft wash” while protecting your roof from the damage that can occur if your roof is pressure-washed. Getting the roof professionally cleaned compared to doing it yourself or hiring someone inexperienced may cost more in the long run because damage occurs from using improper cleaning methods. It is our goal that your roof lasts for a long time.

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Why do you think so many Snohomish residents call Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning? Well, mostly because they are the nicest, friendliest and most fun group of roof cleaners you’ll ever find. The work you’ll get when you call Grace Roof & Gutter is quality, top-of-the-line, expert roof cleaning with no surprises, honest rates, and a completed job that will exceed your expectations.

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N. Hardy
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These guys are professional and care about their quality of work. We will use them again when the roof needs cleaning again. They are a blessing. I highly recommend their services. Thank you guys for your excellent work!
S. Taylor
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Phenomenal service, can't say enough about the quality, dependability, and integrity of their team. Seriously, there's no point in contacting anyone else. Stop mossing around and hire these guys and you'll be very happy.

Get in on our Summer special and get your roof & gutters clean before Fall and Winter hits! Call Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning! We GUTTER done! (425) 327-6871