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Bellevue Roof Cleaning Experts: Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Bellevue Roof Cleaning Experts: Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning your roof and taking on the dreaded Moss Monster!

Hello Bellevue Home Owners! It’s time to embark on a mission against the MOSS-ter with Grace Roof Cleaning! If you live in Bellevue and your roof is under attack by moss in a way that seems impossible to tackle, fear not! We specialize in confronting those MOSS-sters head-on, making nothing IMOSSible.

Bid farewell to grimy rooftops in Bellevue! While living near the captivating Puget Sound comes with its charms, various elements threaten its pristine state—avian surprises, moss, harsh weather, construction debris, and pollutants can all mar the beauty of your roof. Introducing Bellevue’s foremost roof-cleaning specialists, “GUTTER DONE” by Grace!

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Fear the Dreaded Moss Monster! Why it’s so important to maintain your roof.

Neglecting your roof is like giving it a one-way ticket to a midlife crisis. First, those shingles start playing hooky, leaving your roof vulnerable to the elements. Rain, sun, snow—they all start throwing a wild party on your roof, causing it to age faster than a president in office.

With time, leaks become the uninvited guests. They’ll drip into your attic, staining your ceiling and turning it into a watercolor masterpiece. Mold and mildew might join the party too, creating a health hazard that’s as unwelcome as that neighbor who always borrows your lawnmower and never returns it.

As the neglect continues, your roof might start sagging, losing its once proud posture. It’s like the roof is throwing a tantrum, demanding the attention it deserves. And when heavy rain or a snowstorm hits, your neglected roof might just give up, caving in like a deflated balloon.

Long story short, ignoring your roof is like ignoring a ticking time bomb. So, if you care about your home’s well-being, show that roof some love!

Don’t let your roof suffer the consequences of neglect. A clean roof is vital for protecting your home from the unpredictable Bellevue weather. At Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning, we specialize in thorough roof cleaning. Our certified technicians bring over a decade of expertise, ensuring your roof remains pristine for years to come.

Our Bellevue Roof Cleaning Approach:

Gentle Cleaning Without Pressure Washing:

We understand the delicate nature of roofing materials. Unlike others, we never resort to pressure washing. Our tools and training enable us to power wash your roof safely, preserving its long-term performance and warranty.

Precision Brushing for Moss Removal:

Bellevue’s damp climate invites moss growth. Our process involves precise brushing on shingle roofs, eliminating moss from crevices without causing damage. We aim to enhance your roof’s appearance while preventing over-brushing.

Clean Roof Guarantee:

Your roof is a significant investment, and we treat it as such. Our “Clean Roof Guarantee” ensures that our three-stage system removes moss, debris, dirt, and weeds, sustaining your roof’s health and longevity.

Bellevue Roof Cleaning Experts

Our Three-Stage System

Moss Removal:

After years of dedicated effort and hands-on experience tackling numerous moss-covered roofs, we’ve honed a technique that simplifies moss removal to a three-step process: spray, scrub, and rinse.

The key to optimal moss removal lies in meticulous brushing, ensuring that every bit of moss is cleared away while preserving the integrity of your roof. Once the moss is eliminated, applying a high-quality cleaner like Sealer becomes crucial to prevent regrowth.

While a chemical spray can swiftly and effectively kill moss on your roof, it won’t address the moss and debris lodged between the shingles. It’s time to take a decisive stance against that stubborn moss—get MEAN on it and restore your roof to its pristine state!

Air Blow/Rinse:

Once all debris and moss have been dislodged and removed from every nook and cranny, we employ an air blower to clear the roof thoroughly. This step is vital to ensure the effective penetration of the cleaning solution.

In the quest to prevent moss from staging a comeback on your roof, we meticulously rinse it using a low-pressure hose. This not only eliminates any lingering dirt and residue but also enhances the overall appearance of your roof. Say goodbye to moss and hello to a rejuvenated roof!


When we TREAT we TREAT to kill (moss)! This is an extremely important part of the deep clean process and just regular maintenance. 

Our treatment is zinc in powder form. It dissolves over time, killing moss to the root and preventing it from growing again. It does this without being harmful to other plants, and it is not toxic to people or pets.

Why Bellevue Chooses Grace Roof & Gutter

We pride ourselves on providing the community with unbeatable value—our commitment to offering the lowest prices in town is unwavering. We believe that quality service shouldn’t come at a premium, and our competitive pricing reflects our dedication to making our offerings accessible to everyone. When you choose us, you not only get top-notch service but also the satisfaction of knowing you’ve secured the best deal in town.

Extensive Cleaning Without Power Hosing:

Experience the difference in cleanliness and restoration without the risk of deterioration. Check out our before and after images in the Gallery.

Three-Stage System for Deep Cleaning:

Our process protects your investment, leaving your roof looking brand new.

Built on Integrity, Quality, and Personal Service:

We believe in giving back to our community and being environmentally friendly. Our goal is to provide you with the best roof cleaning service at an affordable price.

Licensed, insured, and bonded

Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning is a trusted family business committed to customer satisfaction. We understand the unique challenges Bellevue roofs face, and our team is dedicated to delivering excellence in every service.

Our Clients are the best!

I found Ron( and his company ) on Google. They had pretty good reviews. So I decided why not to try it. My house is 22 years old. Due to pandemic , didn’t clean it for 2 years. Explained to Ron, that please please, be very careful with my roof, and ask them to perform “dry brushing “ Ohh man. These guys just amazing workers. I haven’t see for awhile now that people perform our job with such a passion, and attention to details. They spend at least 4 -5 hours on my roof.Took care of it every little corner plus gutters . I was stunned to see final results. It looked like brand new again. I also want to mention , One more time , I want to express how grateful me and my neighbors, to these amazing people , for taking care our houses. If I could , I would give them 10 stars ⭐️. Go with them, you wouldn’t be disappointed. I guarantee you.” ~ Natalya P.

Choose Grace Roof & Gutter Cleaning for a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful roof. Call us today at (425) 327-6871 to schedule your appointment, and experience the excellence of a healthy and happy roof